Taking Care of My Ticker

So a few days ago I went for my annual check up.  I've been delaying and somewhat avoiding it since early spring.  In my mind I felt like I could use the time to get it together because I pretty much knew how it would go. 

The last time I saw a doctor my blood pressure was really high.  It was maybe a few months after I had brought the baby home, I was still breastfeeding and I wasn't willing to take any medication at that point.  I figure I would just reduce my stress level and work on myself to get it down.  Prior to that pregnancy I had a miscarriage at 23 weeks.  It left my devastated, I became really depressed and gained major weight.  I have been fighting the battle of the bulge ever since.  Not literally, mostly in my mind. 

So of course at today's appointment after everything else went so well my blood pressure is still high.  They actually checked it three times.  After the third time the doctor sat down with me and we had a serious conversation.  I heard the words silent killer, stroke, and heart attack.  Something happened.  It became real.  No other doctor had ever said those words to me before. I had never ever considered any of those things happening to me.

So I've decided that I am going to commit myself  not only losing weight but being more heart healthy.  I mean in our house we eat pretty healthy.  We eat brown rice instead of white, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, and lean cuts of meat.  But what it means for me is cutting sodium out of my diet.  Eating foods like salmon, oatmeal, beans, spinach, almonds, and sweet potatoes.  Things that aren't already in heavy rotation in our house.  It means getting more exercise, actually using my gym membership, walking the dogs, and running with the kids at the park a lot more.  If a few small changes in my life means extending it and the quality of it I'm all for that. 


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