Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Welcome to My World

For the last week my S/O has been dreading the afternoon.  That is usually pick up time for my 6yr old and 10 yr old from camp.  He often comments that he wants to drop our son who is 6 off at home before he goes to pick up our 10 year old daughter from her camp.  He is usually in a bad mood after pick up time and some days even after drop off in the morning. 

You see here is the thing our kids have issues.  Our little Blockhead who is sick was diagnosed at about 3 or 4 with autism.  A year or so later came an early ADHD diagnosis.  There was some mention of PDD, speech delay, sensory issues and maybe some other stuff.  I struggled with early intervention, therapies and just his general day to day care for years with lots of tears.  Then one day after having some issues on and off during the school year I was totally blindsided by an ADHD diagnosis in my daughter.  Well I can't say that I was totally blindsided because she had been seeing a therapist for about six months prior to the diagnosis, but I thought maybe she was just a little anxious.

While they both have an ADHD it's like night and day.  She takes medication and that seems to help.  He does not take medication for his ADHD, but he does take lots of medication.  He has asthma so he has a few meds that he takes for that.  He is allergic to almost everything so he has his meds for that.  Oh and did I mention that he does not sleep, so he also takes meds for that.  There is still the issue of his impulsive behavior and his hyperactivity.  We're still dealing with that.  My daughter has her one pill that she is supposed to take every morning and that goes well if she takes it.  If she doesn't then some one is gonna have a bad day and her target is usually our son.  She does sleep which is great, eating is another blog post all together.  We have literally been told by her shrink to allow her to eat whatever she wants just as long as she eats because she is a little on the thin side. 

So today my S/O came home after picking up both kids from camp and he was quite upset.  He began ranting to me and our 16 year old saying, "I don't know how yall do it with these two."  We laughed and asked him what happened.  He began telling us the story of how they fought all the way home.  He told us how little Blockhead was completely oblivious of other people when they were on the train together, how he had completely run over a lady and her stroller when they were on the train.  Then when he finally picked up Luv bug of course she wanted ice cream and was a bit upset when she had to settle for an icee. Blockhead of course wanted all of the flavors together even coconut which he is allergic to.  Then when they got on the train Luv bug preceded to ask him her usually line of inappropriate questions.  The questions are usually the kind that would be ok if we were in the comforts of our own home but on a crowded train they can be down right embarrassing.  Things like," Daddy when do we pay the cable bill because I haven't seen anyone write a check?" Or "Daddy why do you have that shirt on you know mommy doesn't like when you wear that outside."  Then when they are walking down the block and little Blockhead get to far she likes to run up behind him and grab him by the back of his shirt. 

We also had to hear stories of how little Blockhead eats when he takes them to breakfast in the morning.  It's not really any different from the way he eats at home.  He wants everything and all at once.  He shovels it all in, rarely uses utensils and I'm not sure if he chews more than once or twice no matter what he eats.  We've all witnessed how he eats both in the house and outside and although sometimes it can be a little embarrassing but for the most part I'm over it.  We go out he does what he does and I'm fine with it.

I don't think that anyone in our house has the patience that I do.  I tend ignore a lot of the shenanigans these two get into, as long as they aren't hurting each other or themselves.  They are both excellent students and although she is only going to the 5th grade little Luv bug is already reading on an 8th grade level.  Blockhead is great with any type of data.  We can literally ask him how to get anywhere in the city by train and even if he has never been there he can tell you what train to take.  It's a work in progress dealing with their issues everyday, but somehow we get through it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You've Come a Long Way Baby

Today my little Kitty Kat turned 2.  It seems like only yesterday I was being admitted to Weill Cornell for hospital bed rest.  I was on bed rest for twenty three days.  Twenty three days of doctors asking me every morning if I was having any cramping, a bloody show, yada,yada,yada.  My wonderful SO was sitting there with catering to my every need, my son with a family member and my girls were in Kansas City.  As I was reading a magazine I started to feel what I thought were labor pains. Because I was laying there so calm, still reading the magazine I guess my SO didn't believe me.  So after about an hour nothing significant had happened and off he went to work.  I got up go to the bathroom about an hour later and there was the bloody show.  At this point I was only 27 weeks.  I had made my peace with the situation once I had passed the 23 week point and was confident she would remain in the head position since she had been that way for weeks.  I was given steroids the day I was admitted. During the previous two weeks I had learned that I had gestational diabetes, and I was learning how to give myself insulin every night because my fasting blood sugar was too high.  I was doing exercises in bed to make sure that I did not get blood clots. 

The nurse came and checked out the situation and my attending came to check out the situation as well.  Sure enough after an impromptu exam on the bedpan almost immediately I was off to labor and delivery.  I only had a little ways to go and I ended up in the same delivery room that I had given birth to my precious angel Paige the previous September. I was in labor for hours, with IVs in both hands one for my insulin every hour, magnesium, surfactant, and whatever else they were giving out. For about three hours I toyed with the idea of going natural but the anesthesiologist made the epidural sound so great I gave in. Dad had made his way back from work since he was only blocks away. At around 1am we hear a little popping sound and my water and finally broke. They called the neonatal team and we were ready to go. I pushed a few times and then I heard my tiny bundle of joy cry. The nurse who took her away thanked her for crying and that made me cry. Right then I knew she would be okay. Although she only weighed 2lbs and 5ozs she was quiet feisty. She was breathing on her on right from the start, but they gave her a little support as well. 

She spent her first 3 months of life in an isolette.  We visited as often as we could sometimes I spent the entire day with her and I even slept in the family lounge when she has to get a blood transfusion.  I pumped day and night until I could nurse her.  I kangarooed her as often as possible so that she could feel my warmth and carry my scent even when I was away.  Two years later and she I a walking, talking, still feisty miracle.  She has discovered a love for Elmo and Bubble Guppies.  Happy Birthday little Princess!!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lean Mean Taco Casserole

We love Mexican food. Taco night is always a favorite around here. I'm always searching for something different, but something that everyone will enjoy since I have a few picky eaters  I came across a recipe for a taco casserole here.

 I put my own spin on it by using turkey instead of beef. I also added black beans for a little extra protein.  I left out the onions and peppers out as well because like I said I have some picky eaters. We crushed up some Scoops tortilla chips.
I was a little skeptical about the olives  as well but I decided to keep them in because the majority likes them.

This is how it came out before I added the lettuce, tomatoes and top layer of chips.

This is it. Yum!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Throwback Thursdays

This is a really old picture of my oldest girls. This was down in Atlanta,GA around 2005. We were headed to Sweetie's 9th birthday party. Doesn't she look excited? Although Luv Bugs looks to be way too big for the car seat she was only 3 and I am sure had not exceeded the weight requirement. She was just very tall for her age, and she still is. She really looks like she was over it.

Let Me Just Say

I am a wake up at 5am and try to make it to the gym mom.  A put my head back under the covers most days, but not before noticing a child in my bed mom.  A get out of the bed after about an hour and make breakfast and someones lunch mom.  A "get up kiddies brush your teeth, wash your face and get dressed (except for you baby) mom.  I'm a gotta get the kids  fed and off to camp during the summer, and on the school bus or train during the school year mom.  A pick up after the kids and the dog, clean the baby's spills mom.  A walk the dog sometimes, make breakfast for dad(who works nights) and whoever is still home mom. 

I am a research doing, newspaper and blog reading, talk show watching mom.  A dinner planning at lunch, taking someone to an appointment mom.  A get an afternoon workout in occasionally or a nap mom.  A haven't read a good book to myself in months mom. 

I'm a start dinner while the kids are being picked up mom.  A look at papers they bring home, read the mail, check my emails mom.  A check my facebook newsfeed, like and comment on relevant cute stuff mom.  A browse my twitter timeline, a see whose posting pics on instagram mom. 

I'm a music lovin'(all genres and I do mean all), reality tv watching(my guilty pleasure)mom.  A feed the kids and put them to bed mom.  A get a head start on the next day, feed the dog, walk the dog mom.   A spend some time with dad before he goes to work mom. 

I'm a talk to my mom several times a day, talk to my dad at least once a week.  A talk to a few friends a few times a week even if it's just a text mom. I'm a try to solve all my kids problems no matter how silly they may seem to me mom.   A had few miscarriages as and the last one nearly destroyed me mom.  I'm a didn't know I was so strong until I gave birth to a 27 weeker mom. A never thought I could raise a child with special needs needs until my son was diagnosed with autism mom.  A sometimes tiger mom, sometimes helicopter mom.  A love my kids, love my guy, love my parents, love my brothers mom.  An always there to help whenever I can mom.  A when I lay my head down at night I close my eyes and dream about the future just like you mom.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012