Let Me Just Say

I am a wake up at 5am and try to make it to the gym mom.  A put my head back under the covers most days, but not before noticing a child in my bed mom.  A get out of the bed after about an hour and make breakfast and someones lunch mom.  A "get up kiddies brush your teeth, wash your face and get dressed (except for you baby) mom.  I'm a gotta get the kids  fed and off to camp during the summer, and on the school bus or train during the school year mom.  A pick up after the kids and the dog, clean the baby's spills mom.  A walk the dog sometimes, make breakfast for dad(who works nights) and whoever is still home mom. 

I am a research doing, newspaper and blog reading, talk show watching mom.  A dinner planning at lunch, taking someone to an appointment mom.  A get an afternoon workout in occasionally or a nap mom.  A haven't read a good book to myself in months mom. 

I'm a start dinner while the kids are being picked up mom.  A look at papers they bring home, read the mail, check my emails mom.  A check my facebook newsfeed, like and comment on relevant cute stuff mom.  A browse my twitter timeline, a see whose posting pics on instagram mom. 

I'm a music lovin'(all genres and I do mean all), reality tv watching(my guilty pleasure)mom.  A feed the kids and put them to bed mom.  A get a head start on the next day, feed the dog, walk the dog mom.   A spend some time with dad before he goes to work mom. 

I'm a talk to my mom several times a day, talk to my dad at least once a week.  A talk to a few friends a few times a week even if it's just a text mom. I'm a try to solve all my kids problems no matter how silly they may seem to me mom.   A had few miscarriages as and the last one nearly destroyed me mom.  I'm a didn't know I was so strong until I gave birth to a 27 weeker mom. A never thought I could raise a child with special needs needs until my son was diagnosed with autism mom.  A sometimes tiger mom, sometimes helicopter mom.  A love my kids, love my guy, love my parents, love my brothers mom.  An always there to help whenever I can mom.  A when I lay my head down at night I close my eyes and dream about the future just like you mom.


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