Five Guys

For months I've been seeing Five Guys pop up everywhere.  I looooove a good burger and fries so in my mind I was already there when I found one near my daughter's school in downtown Brooklyn.  I kept telling her I was gonna come and pick her up from school and we would go to Five Guys.  Well I actually didn't get a chance to try Five Guys until her last parent/teacher conference a few weeks ago. 

When we went it was somewhere around eight or nine at night because the parent/teacher conferences lasted so long.  There was a line even at that hour so I figured this must be a pretty good spot.  We both ordered the regular burger and regular fries, which we didn't know came in a "little" size until after we had ordered.  I guess our excitement got the best of us and we didn't completely read the menu.

Both the burger and fries were huge but oh so delicious.  I did notice however that there were peanuts and peanut shells everywhere as they sell them in bulk .  So the chances of me ever returning to Five Guys with my entire family because of this since my son has a tree nut allergies. But the meal was great and the price was right, it was a good time for us. 


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