Do Your Kids Stink?

I was reading one of my friend's status on Facebook today and she was talking about her five year old daughter's body odor.  I'll admit what she wrote made me chuckle a little.  Mainly because I can remember when I went through  this with my oldest daughters who are now ten and seventeen.  It actually made me think back to when my own girls first started wearing deodorant.  I know for sure that it wasn't at five or six.  My ten  year old just started wearing deodorant last year and we were in shock to even think about her going through puberty. 

Obviously it does happen.  According to very few boys and some girls go through what is called precocious puberty.  It happens when children under the age of seven begin to show signs of puberty.  Some signs my include breasts, and getting a period in girls.  Boys voices will get deeper.  Both may begin to grow pubic and underarm hair as well as develop body odor. 

For most children there is no real reason, puberty just started too soon for no real reason.  For some it my be hereditary.   For a very few it may be a sign of an underlying issue.  As with anything out of the ordinary, it's always a good idea to check with your pediatrician just to be safe. 

When you become aware of these changes in your children talking to them about it is probably also a good idea.  They may become embarrassed around their friends if they are the only ones going through puberty.  You may want to shave unwanted underarm hair.  Kids can also be a little cruel so you may want to watch for any signs that your child is being teased because of the changes in their bodies.  And definitely a talk about hygiene is a must. 


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