Back to School: The Snacks They Love

What kid doesn't love snacks?  With fall on the way we're back to school and it's time for fall sports.  From time to time when I am in the mood I will make delicious snacks for my kids.  But right now is a pretty hectic time it's still hot outside and there is not always time to make really elaborate snacks.  So here are some of the snacks we love and reason's why we love them. 

My son is allergic to tree nuts so this is a wonderful treat for him.  He can feel like he is having a pb&j sandwich too.  He likes to dip his apples, pretzels, and pretty much anything that you can dip.
I discovered Happy Baby products when my toddler was still a baby and we have been loving them ever since.   The yogurt apple bites are just the right size for little fingers and they keep her busy while she watching her favorite show or while we are taking a stroll.
My kids are big cheese heads.  Although not all of them can have dairy.

This is new one that we haven't actually tried yet.  It looked interesting and it has all the fruits that my toddler really loves so I figured we would check it out.
This one is definitely a keeper.   It's whole grain, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial flavors.  They are only 100 calories each and they are delicious. 
This one is another new one that looked very interesting.  Plum organics is a fam fav so I figured lets give this one a try. 
Squeezable fruit and veggies. I don't think anything else needs to be said about that.  But this is a great on the go snack.
My older daughters absolutely love seaweed.  It's a healthy feel good snack so I'm all in for this one.
This is another new treat that we are trying.  She noticed the difference in this one right away but I think that she liked it.   And it's another great on the go snack.
This is another snack that my son and his peanut allergy can partake of.  It's like a alternative pb& j bite.
All of my kids love this chocolaty crunchy snack. 
This is something that I actually discovered by accident.  I was actually looking for something that they would like and inexpensive so I gave it a try.  My kids love it even though I can definitely tell that there is no high fructose corn syrup when I tried it.
This something that my little one has loves since she tried her first snacks and she hasn't given it up, they come in a variety of healthy fruit and veggie combos. 
This is the perfect snack sandwich.  They come in a variety of flavors like pb& j, and apple cinnamon and oatmeal.  They are perfect for little ones who may not eat a whole sandwich.
Now this is snack that my teen loves.  She is always munching on them.  Sometimes she has them with peanut butter, or dip. They're whole grain so it's something I would rather see her eat than a greasy potato chip. 
This is a great alternative for little ones who either can't eat, or don't like peanut butter.  It's a perfect spread for a sandwich, or dip for fruit.
My little one loves Dora and applesauce.  Perfect combo she can take her little applesauce squeezers on the go.


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