Doc McStuffins Will Make You Feel Better

I woke up around 6am with my two year old today.  Since it was too early to get anyone else up or to start breakfast so we just cuddled in bed and checked out what was on the DVR.  I came across a show that I'd seen her watching on the Ipad a lot, so I figured I would check it out.  It was a cute little Disney Junior show called Doc McStuffins.

Dottie "Doc" McStuffins is a six year old who wants to be a doctor when she grows up like her mother.  She puts on her little stethoscope and toys come to life.  So Doc, her little helpers Stuffy the Dragon, Hallie the Hippo, Lambie, and Chilly the Snowman help "sick" toys get better.  It's a new show that has only been on a few months, but I think its great and I am sure it will be around for a while.  The theme song is catchy and the content of the show definitely keeps young audiences entertained.  I've actually seen my older kids watching and enjoying it. 

In episode that I watched with my daughter Doc went to the arcade with her father and brother and met Gabby the giraffe who was stuck in the claw machine with a rip in her leg and no one wanted to try and win her.  After trying to grab her using her tokens Doc had no luck, so Stuffy the Dragon climbs in to get her out and then he gets stuck.  So Doc uses her last token to get both Stuffy and Gabby out.  Then comes the "I feel better" song.  And Doc ends up taking her home.  After all she did win her.  There are two episodes per show and there is always a healthy tip as the credits roll. 

I think this is a great show and my two year old absolutely loves it.  She has her own dolls and stuffed animals that I watch her nurture when she plays with them.  I'm not a huge fan of my younger kids watching lots of tv, but if they are gonna watch tv this is a show I don't mind them watching. 


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