My Favorite Fall Sneakers

I have been dying for a pair of wedge sneakers for quite some time now. The coveted wedge sneakers that all the celebrities were wearing happened to be sold out right around my birthday so I had to find something else that would be just as cute and trendy.  I came across the Marc by Marc Jacobs International Wedge Sneakers and I loved them.  So I began to drop hints about them and pin pictures of  them on Pinterest.  So out went the Mr with the girls right before my birthday to look for them.  This particular shoe happened to be sold out almost everywhere in the city except the one pair they had at the Marc Jacobs store on Prince St in the village.  What luck for them because they were my size and the color (emerald green) approved (I'm very picky).  

Although in the back of my mind I was thinking, these are really cute shoes.  I was really thinking about how comfortable these shoes would be. I love shoes and there was a time when I didn't mind the pain of wearing a shoe that I thought I loved.  Being a mom running around the city with my children,  I look for a shoe I can love with comfort.   Well after finally wearing them on several different occasions and most of those times with my kids in tow they are very comfortable shoes.  They are great paired with leggings, skinny jeans, and  jeggings.  They also look great paired with a high-low maxi dress or skirt.   

Now the reason why this particular sneaker is what I consider a "fall" sneaker is because this particular color as well as black and tan come in a suede that has the warm earthy feel of fall.   The heel of the shoe is three inches but you don't even feel the height of the shoe because it's just that comfortable. This is a really great shoe.



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